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Introducing our "Striped Wafers for Sweets (32x23 cm, 50 pcs)" - the perfect canvas for your culinary creativity. These high-quality, striped wafers are ideal for crafting delectable desserts and pastries. Each pack contains 50 pieces, each measuring 32x23 cm, providing ample space for your sweet creations. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook, these wafers will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dessert presentation. Elevate your baking game with our striped wafers and let your imagination run wild!
"Multicolor Unicorn Wafer Sticks (Set of 24 pcs)" are a whimsical addition to any dessert table. These vibrant, unicorn-themed wafer sticks are not only delicious but also visually stunning. Each pack contains 24 pieces, offering a delightful crunch and a sweet taste that kids and adults alike will love. Perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, or just a fun treat, these wafer sticks are sure to bring a touch of magic to your special occasions. Enjoy them on their own, or use them as creative toppings for cakes and cupcakes.
"Modecor Wafer Butterflies (6 units)" are the perfect finishing touch to your baking masterpieces. These edible, delicately crafted wafer butterflies add a whimsical touch to cakes, cupcakes, or any sweet treat. Made by Modecor, a trusted name in baking decorations, each pack contains six beautifully detailed butterflies. They're easy to use and sure to impress, transforming your baked goods into works of art. Whether you're a professional baker or a home enthusiast, Modecor Wafer Butterflies will elevate your creations to new heights of elegance.
"Modecor 3D Wafer Butterflies (72 units)" are the perfect addition to your baking creations. These edible, intricately designed butterflies add a whimsical touch to any dessert. Made from high-quality wafer, they are easy to apply and hold their shape beautifully. With 72 units in each pack, you'll have plenty to decorate your cakes, cupcakes, or cookies. Elevate your baking to the next level with these stunning 3D wafer butterflies from Modecor. They're not just decorations, they're the finishing touch your desserts have been waiting for.
Celebrate in style with our "Happy Birthday" Wafer Sign AP (Box of 48 Units). These edible, high-quality wafer signs are the perfect finishing touch to any birthday cake or dessert. Each box contains 48 units, ensuring you're always ready for any birthday celebration. Easy to use and universally loved, these signs add a fun and festive touch to your baked creations. Make every birthday extra special with our delightful wafer signs.
Introducing the Florensuc Wafer Butterflies Flower, a box brimming with 180 pieces of edible artistry. These delicate wafer butterflies are the perfect finishing touch to your baked creations, adding a whimsical flourish that's as delightful to the eye as it is to the palate. Crafted with care and precision, these wafer butterflies are not just decorations, but a testament to your attention to detail. Elevate your baking game and let your creativity take flight with Florensuc Wafer Butterflies Flower. A must-have for every baking enthusiast!
"Embellish your baked creations with Florensuc Wafer Butterflies. This pack of 12 edible decorations adds a whimsical touch to any dessert. Crafted from high-quality wafer, these butterflies have a delicate, buttery taste that complements your sweet treats without overpowering them. Perfect for cupcakes, cakes, or any pastry you wish to elevate. With Florensuc Wafer Butterflies, your desserts will not only taste delightful but look enchanting too. Turn your baking into an art form and let your creativity take flight!"
"Delight in the whimsical charm of Florensuc Assorted Wafer Butterflies. With 260 units in each pack, these edible decorations are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your baked goods. Crafted from high-quality wafer, they offer a subtle, buttery flavor that complements any dessert. Whether you're adorning a birthday cake or adding a finishing touch to cupcakes, these wafer butterflies will transform your creations into works of art. Elevate your baking with Florensuc Assorted Wafer Butterflies - where taste meets beauty."
"Congratulations Wafer Sign AP (Box of 50 Units)" is a delightful addition to your baking essentials. These edible wafer signs, with a cheerful 'Congratulations' message, are perfect for celebrating any occasion. Each box contains 50 units, ensuring you're always ready to add a special touch to your baked goods. Easy to use and versatile, they can adorn cakes, cupcakes, or any dessert that needs a festive touch. Make every celebration memorable with these charming wafer signs.
"Assorted Wafer Flowers with Leaves (180 units)" is a delightful collection of edible decorations that will add a touch of elegance to your baked goods. Each pack contains 180 beautifully crafted wafer flowers and leaves, perfect for adorning cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. These delicate embellishments are not only visually appealing but also add a subtle crunch to your creations. Easy to use and versatile, they are a must-have for both professional bakers and home baking enthusiasts. Elevate your baking artistry with these exquisite wafer flowers and leaves.

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