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"Personalized Gold Cardboard Disc with Logo 1050 GR" Elevate your brand with our "Personalized Gold Cardboard Disc with Logo 1050 GR". This high-quality, heavyweight disc is not only visually stunning with its luxurious gold finish, but also customizable with your unique logo. Perfect for showcasing your products or as a distinctive element in your packaging, it's a stylish way to make a lasting impression. With its robust 1050 GR weight, it promises durability and substance. Make your mark with elegance and sophistication with our customizable gold cardboard disc.

"Personalized Hard Cappati Plate with Logo 2400 GR" Experience the joy of baking with our Personalized Hard Cappati Plate. This 2400 GR heavyweight champion is not just a baking tool, but a statement of your unique style. Customized with your chosen logo, it adds a personal touch to your kitchen. Crafted for durability and performance, it ensures your cappatis are cooked to perfection every time. Elevate your baking experience with this personalized cappati plate - a perfect blend of functionality and style.

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