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"Personalized Wafer Sheet-Rice Paper (Per Unit)" Unleash your creativity with our Custom Print Wafer Sheet-Rice Paper. Perfect for bakers and pastry chefs, this product allows you to add a personal touch to your creations. Made from high-quality edible rice paper, it's designed to hold vibrant, food-safe inks for a stunning visual effect. Whether it's a logo, a picture, or a special message, this wafer sheet will make your desserts truly unique. It's not just a baking supply, it's a tool to express your culinary artistry.

Custom Print on Sugar Sheet (Unit)

€6.41 €5.77 -10%
"Personalized Sugar Sheet Prints" Unleash your creativity with our "Custom Print on Sugar Sheet" product. Perfect for any occasion, these edible sugar sheets can be personalized with any image or design of your choice. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a corporate event, make your cakes and pastries stand out with these unique, high-quality prints. Easy to use and with vibrant colors, they will surely add a special touch to your baked creations. Let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable desserts with our custom sugar sheet prints.
"Personalized Chocolate Transfer Sheets" Unleash your creativity with our Custom Print on Chocotransfer Sheets. Perfect for both professional bakers and home enthusiasts, these sheets allow you to add a personal touch to your chocolate creations. Simply provide your design, and we'll print it on high-quality, food-safe transfer sheets. Ideal for decorating cakes, cookies, and candies, these sheets will make your desserts not only taste fantastic, but look stunning too. Elevate your baking game and impress your guests with uniquely designed chocolate treats.

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